Weld-on CT Connector

Product Details

Access Downhole’s Coiled Tubing Weld-on Connector represents a more permanent affixing between the coiled tubing to a BHA. As such, it also represents a more fluid rigidity transition from the coiled tubing than a standard slip connector.

A gradually tapered insertion neck that extends several inches into the coiled tubing provides a bend support to prevent concentrating bending loads at a single point where the coiled tubing meets the connector.

The Access Downhole Coiled Tubing Weld-on Connector is a single piece component with many configurations available to the end user. A few are listed below, and any other imaginable scenario can be accommodated upon request. This is used to eliminate all the bending of the CT in the heat-affected zone.

Another feature of the Access Downhole CT Weld-on Connector is that it is constructed to exhibit 100% of the torque and yield ratings of the coiled tubing material.

Major Benefits

  • Mechanically designed to handle both the extra torque and strain associated with current wellbore geometry and the BHA's utilized to best complete them.


CT Connector OD (in.) CT Size (in.)Service ConnectionID (in.)Tensile Strength STD Service (lbs)Torsional Strength (ft-lbs)Working Pressure (psi)Length (in.)
2.1251.50-2.001.500in. AMMT.75115,2901,60010,0008.25
3.1252.00 – 2.8752.875in. PAC1.50 269,4707,29010,0008.25
3.1252.00 – 2.8752.375in. Reg1.00375,5008,04510,0008.25

Notes: All of these values are calculated values and include NO factor of safety. They are also subject to a +/– 20% variation due to the mechanical properties of the steel. An APPROPRIATE factor of safety should be used based on actual field conditions.
Alternative OD, ID, and service connections available upon request.