Thru Tubing Technology

  • Patented Steady Trigger Jar
  • Patented Variable Diverter Sub (VDS)
  • Patent Pending FNP Sealed Bearing Section Mud Motor
  • Patent Pending Avenger Mud Lube Mud Motor
  • Patent Pending ReCoil Jar
  • Patent Pending MagCut Coiled Tubing Connector
  • Patent Pending BCG Lock Pipewrench free connection

Machine Design

  • You have pictures of equipment
  • 99% in house manufacturing
  • API Q1 Manufacturing traceability
  • In house ASNT certified NDT inspection


Consulting Services

  • On-Site Worldwide tool support
  • Thru-Tubing Service set-up support
  • Specialty tool on-site operations
  • Certified Jar Testing
  • Certified Indexing Tool Testing
  • Certified Vibrating Tool Testing
  • Certified Mud Motor Testing