Variable Diverter Sub (VDS)

Product Details

The Access Downhole Variable Diverter Sub (VDS) creates a means of increasing the annular flow rate during a treatment without exceeding the limitations of the equipment below it in the BHA (PDM, ERT, etc.). This is accomplished by an internal set of components that utilize both mechanical and hydraulic actuation.

The mechanical function helps balance the hydraulic activation, creating a damper for the fluid diversion. It allows for a smooth transition at higher flow rates and fluid pressures, as well as a more consistent flow curve (closer to parabolic).

With dual stage activation, motor starvation is minimized due to the mechanical function of the tool. Over-spinning is mitigated through both the nozzle selection before the treatment and the hydraulic actuation during the treatment.

The utilization of FLUENT™ permits the creation of the proper fluid diversion ratios based on real-world fluid samples. This design allows the Access Downhole Variable Diverter Sub to both be proposed with and provide realistic targeted treatment rates and pressures.

The Access Downhole Variable Diverter Sub is fully adjustable, as well as capable of being redressed in a field environment. It also consists of few internal parts, aiding in making the tool robust enough for the rigors of the current thru-tubing BHA offerings.

Major Benefits

  • Built to be field redressable, fully adjustable for varying fluid types, impact resistant from extended reach tools, and high torque friendly.
  • Very few internal parts increases durability and reliability.
  • FLUENT™ created treatment profiles for any fluid a customer selects.
  • On demand engagement by rate fluctuation can be used to change fluid weight in the wellbore at certain depths specific to tool placement for custom treatment scenarios.
  • Manufactured in every size and thread type from 1.688in to 8.00in; and being used for production, completions, and drilling.


Service LineMajor Utilization
DrillingPlaced every 2.500ft—3,000ft to create turbulent flow pockets that keep cuttings and other solids from falling out of suspension in longer lateral wellbores.
CompletionsIncrease annular flow rate to decrease the amout of time debris is in the lateral, while not exceeding the limitations of the downhole motor.
ProductionPlaced every 3,000ft—3,500ft to keep solids in suspension by creating turbulent flow areas on demand through the cycling of the fluid rate.