Tool Testing Fixtures

Product Details

Access Downhole created a series of Tool Testing Fixtures for customers who did not want to rely on third party facilities to test, verify, or alter the utility of their thru-tubing tools. These fixtures can be either purely made of mechanical and hydraulic components or have some custom associated electronics added.

Assembly and tear-down tables can be made to perform both basic and tool specific redress. There are no standard configurations, as the benches are designed to best represent the facilities they are installed into. However, the customer need not worry about the initial design, as this will be an Access Downhole project, which will later be amended to accommodate specific customer needs and operations.

The more technical fixtures are representative of R&D style implementations or data collection. They come with software acquisition systems to capture inputs such as fluid rate, torque, frequency, oscillation, pulses, and temperature. These systems can create pre-job documentation in the form of dyno sheets that display a recorded functioning of the tool to a specified set of parameters.

As additional feature of the systems with software packages is the ability to cloud host the testing for customers to monitor remotely. Also, the Aegis Data Collection system can be field mobilized in a special package with subs and sensors intact. This allows for both
function testing or post op verification for different types of thru tubing tools.

Major Benefits

  • Optimize and standardize redressing procedures
  • Internalize operational choices made for specific customers
  • Tighten IP control for special projects via internal testing
  • Verify and utilize specific data sets for proper testing, whether from failure or research
  • Create test sheets or demo events for customers
  • Aid in transitioning theoretical knowledge to actual results through trial, error, and adjustments from the data collection


Accommodation RangeFixture Length RangeAccessories**
Assembly TableProduct Line Specific6.0ft – 30.0ftVice(s)/Petol™ Retainer
Jar Test Stand1.6875in. – 3.750in.20.0ft – 40.0ft sledThermal Blankets
Dyno/Agitator Test Stand 1.50in. – 4.750in.24.0ft – 40.0ftCossover(s)/Fluid End(s)
Make-up/Break-out Stand1.6875in.– 5.00in.8.0ft – 40.0ft

* All fixtures are fully customizable to suit the needs and applications of the customer. The Fixture Length Ranges are only suggestions based on previous builds
** Accessories listed are only for example. For a full list of accessories contact an Access Downhole representative.