Sure Fire Intensifier

Product Details

The Sure Fire Intensifier complements the Steady Trigger Jar as well as other thru-tubing jars, and in some instances downhole hammers. It is designed to store the energy developed by pulling up on the work string, releasing this stored energy to accelerate the tubular(s) up when the jar releases.

The function of the Sure Fire Intensifier is to intensify the impact during jarring events. It acts as a fluid spring by storing energy from the strain associated with over-pull on the work-string. The strain is removed by the free stroke of the jar, which accelerates the work-string components up-hole by releasing the stored energy in the intensifier until the jar impacts.

The benefits are especially visible in wells where the workstring experiences higher wall contact force from either deeper or highly deviated wellbores. Another major advantage of including the Sure Fire Intensifier into the fishing string is the ability to absorb the rebound force from the jarring event, functioning like a damper for the rest of the components connected to the BHA, fish, tool string, etc.). Another design feature of the Sure Fire Intensifier, is if ever overloaded from improper operation, the seals overpressure and expel the intensifier fluid, as opposed to the tool failing and creating a greater problem in the treatment from a broken tool component.

Major Benefits

  • Functions as a damper for tools and components in the wellbore to mitigate shock related failures incurred by standard jarring.
  • Reduces instantaneous transverse loading on jar mandrel in lateral wellbores through basic function.
  • Does not complement a specific jar, being serviceable in H₂S, and in a temperature range of -45°F to 450°F.
  • Fail safe design to mitigate damage associated with operating outside the parameters of the capability of the intensifier.


SFI OD (in) Tool Joint ConnectionClosed Length (in)Open Length (lbs)Flow Through ID (in)Tensile Yield (lbs)Torsional Yield (lb-ft)Max Detent Working Load (lbs)
1.6881.0” AMMT6373.440.562550,0005009,000
2.1251.50” AMMT6373.440.7594,0001,20018,000
2.8752.375” PAC6373.441.0200,0003,20036,000
2.875 (H)2.375” PAC77.0487.61.0200,0003,20040,000
3.1252.375” Reg77.0487.61.0300,0007,00050,000

* Custom tool joint connections available upon request.