Product Details

The SpinStrike is a free floating swivel style sub. It rotates as well as damps loads from both above and below. There are standard sizes as well as custom sizes upon request.

The SpinStrike was originally designed to be placed in the BHA above a set of TCP guns to allow other than standard deployments such as pressure deployment. Integrating a shock absorption style damping mechanism decreased the force transferred to the BHA when the guns were fired downhole. This is especially beneficial for smaller BHAs where the disparity between the force produced by the explosions and the force limitations for the weakest tool components is much closer than in larger tool assemblies.

While not an original design target, during the testing phase, it was noticed that perforating caused tool joint connections to back off in smaller sizes. This occurrence could not be replicated with a SpinStrike placed above the TCP guns in the BHA. The damping action created by the tool design inhibits this type of backoff.

Another utility of the SpinStrike is the ability to cushion the BHA from high vibrations resulting from tools like impact hammers or extended reach tools. Mitigating this force can extend the life of service connections not designed for the cyclical loads introduced by the newer technology of the current extended reach tools. The tool can also be altered internally to increase generated impact forces.

Major Benefits

  • Multi-application damping tool to minimize shockloads transmitted by high impact creating tools
  • Short enough to incorporate in most completion and workover BHAs
  • Able to be custom configured for specific applications with known constraints
  • Configurable to increase or decrease impact with the same tool


SpinStrike OD (in) Length (in) Impact Increase RatioImpact Reduction (lbs)Piston Travel (in)
1.688202:118,000 - 20,7001.0
2.125202:136,000 - 41,4001.0
2.875223:172,000 - 82,8002.0
3.125223:1100,000 - 115,0002.0
3.750244:1140,000 - 161,0004.0

*All standard sizes and connections available as well as custom connections being available upon request. Custom fluid profiles for increasing or reducing impact by a specified amount also available upon request.