Multi-set CT Tension Packer

Product Details

The Multi-set CT Tension Packer (MCT Packer) was designed specifically for use in coiled tubing interventions. This packer can be set without rotation, as well as being unset by simply stopping the pump and setting down. This packer is normally run in conjunction with a tension unloader valve on top. This allows the equalization
of pressure before unseating the packer, prolonging the life of the components.

While originally designed for waterflooding operations, the MCT Packer has the capability to be utilized in zonal isolation, fracturing operations, pressure testing operations, casing leak test operations, etc. Changing temperature ranges only requires changing elastomers. Changing pressure limitations only requires changing the mandrel.

The MCT Packer is comparatively short with respect to it's competition. However, it is also a "Full Bore" class packer, in that it is a bit larger than drift, which allows any instrument large enough to pass through the tubing to also pass through the packer. This larger ID also prevents in screening out in the event of pumping sand for either fracturing or perforating operations.

The rocker-style slip design removes the necessity for extra drag blocks groove guides, slip tie links; all of which mitigate if not remove the condition of stuck or cocked slips. There is also a shear option (25,000- 50,000lbs) for instances when the packer cannot be moved uphole, such as a casing collapse.

Major Benefits

  • Six inch travel to set and unset
  • Full ID for utilizing tools or performing operations below the packer
  • Configurable safety shear ring, elastomer seal, and maximum pressure mandrel


Casing OD (in.) Casing Weight (lbs/ft)Packer SizePacker Bore (in.)Recommended Casing Range ID Min (in.)Recommended Casing Range ID Max (in.)Packer Elastomer Element OD (in.) Guide Ring OD (in.)Min. OD of Collapsed Slips (in.) Max Casing ID Slip Travel (in.) Connection (Box x Pin)
4.509.5–13.543A1.8953.9104.1603.7193.7713.7874.1702.375 EUE
5.5020.0–23.045A21.9784.6254.7784.3754.5004.5434.9662.375 EUE
7.0026.0–29.047B22.4166.1366.2765.7815.9685.9196.5282.875 EUE

* Custom tool joint connections available upon request, may change specifications.
** Custom material make and size ranges also available on request (e.g. inconel for sour service).