Jaws of Wire

Product Details

Access Downhole created the Jaws of Wire tool to be the superior tool for retrieving broken, parted, or damaged items from the wellbore. It utilizes hydraulic and mechanical functionality to perform this task.

The saw-toothed sections of the Jaws of Wire are designed to act as a secondary means of retaining objects once the jaws close. The
serrated edges function like slips in this fashion to both hold and to dig into the objects being pulled from the well. The grip can be altered by adjusting the spring tension. This leaves the option to also function test the Jaws of Wire at surface utilizing the whole tool or component that closest resembles what is currently lodged in the well itself.

The Jaws of Wire is uniquely designed with modifiable downward jets to either wash away loose fill or jet out hard packed debris above the wellbore obstruction(s). Another feature gated by flow is the adjustable activation based on nozzle orifice size. This allows for higher jetting force with higher activation pressure, as well as low pressure washing with lower activation force.

The activation and deactivation motion are more contained than competing similar models of downhole grab tools. This allows for greater service reliability in the wellbore. Also, fewer moving parts lends to lower redress costs, higher operational integrity, greater functional efficiency to name a few. The hallmark of the design is utilizing proper construction to hide the moving parts most susceptible to failure due to extraneous wellbore material being washed before retrieval.

Major Benefits

  • Flow activation with a dual and tri jaw design
  • Simplest configuration that yields the most robust design on the market
  • Design optimized to increase strength, reliability, cost efficiency
  • Fully customizable service connection and flow profile for any downhole situation
  • Optional component coating for grabbing fish with higher than normal Rockwell hardness


Tool OD (in.)Tool Make- up Length (in.) Triple Jaws AvailableMax Tensile Yield Strength (lbs) Max Torsional Yield Strength (ft-lbs) Service Connection
1.6926.00No44,0006901.0in. AMMT
2.12526.00Yes50,1001,2601.50in. AMMT
2.87529.00Yes62,2502,9602.375in. PAC
3.12532.00Yes75,2603,1002.375in. Reg

* Yield factors are based off materials utilized in standard construction and would change if the material construction changed.