Indexing Tool

Product Details

The Access Downhole Indexing Tool is a thru-tubing tool designed specifically for perforating, fishing and re-entry. It utilizes both linear and hydraulic force to create motion. There is both a mechanical version and a flow activated version, with both coming in either left or right hand rotation.

Indexing tools have a multitude of uses to include getting into and out of ID transitions within a wellbore, navigating complex downhole jewelry, rotating to active downhole installations. Additionally, indexing tools are utilized in fishing operations to help orient the fishing BHA over the fish, whether it be coupled with an overshot, shoe, or other such creation.

The tool function is as simple as decreasing the pump rate, and slowly setting down weight in pre-determined increments, watching for a weight change indicative of the indexing tool functioning. The process can happen in as little as seconds, or taking a few minutes depending depth, downhole temperature, available set down weight, wellbore displacement, and casing condition to name a few. It is always imperative to note no-load circulating pressures to immediately verify if wall contact force (friction) is increasing the torque necessary to rotate the BHA component(s) below the Indexing Tool.

Access Downhole Indexing Tools have safe working load limits, defined below, as well as a safety shear if the set down weight is exceeded. The breadth of functionality, combined with the delivery of mechanical or flow activated allows for a greater operational window for success.

Major Benefits

  • Easily recognizable downhole function
  • One of the shortest indexing tools in the industry
  • Functions off both hydraulic force and tension


Tool OD (in.)Tool ID (in.)Total Stroke (in.)Overall Length Extended (ft) Max Working Indexing Load (lbs)Max Tensile Yield Strength (lbs)Max Torsional Yield Strength (ft-lbs)Service Connection
1.690.500123.624,25042,9006501.0in. AMMT
2.1250.875123.8420,000100,0002,1001.5in. AMMT
2.8751.00124.2536,000200,0004,8002.375in. PAC
3.1251.009.255.3545,000210,0006,7322.375in Reg

* Yield factors are based off materials utilized in standard construction and would change if the material construction changed.