FNP Transmission Assembly

Product Details

Access Downhole’s FNP Mud Motor Transmission (FNP MMT) represents a step forward in the overall approach to strengthen mud motors to handle the larger diameter coiled tubing projects. As the laterals grow longer, the flow rates and torsional loading of the BHA increases. The FNP MMT is adaptable to any power section on the market.

One of the major features separating the FNP MMT from the competition is the utilization of a titanium flex shaft with a specific treatment process to both decrease length, but also increase elongation. The process is proprietary and is one of the factors that increases the maximum WOB (Weight on Bit) above the standard offerings.

The FNP MMT is ruggedized using a specialized coating increasing H2S resistance by 20% and lubricity by 110% on the external components, as well as HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying) treatment on the internals to negate both corrosion and premature wear. The treatment for the bearing section exceeds the conventional hard-banding process, which produces a more consistent Rockwell hardness across the components.

Another issuing plaguing motors in wellbores with longer laterals is breaking due to torsional yielding. The FNP MMT not only allows for a greater amount of deflection without sacrificing durability; but it does so with lighter components.

Major Benefits

  • Mechanically designed and optimized specifically for the rigors of the future of extended reach operations.
  • The material for the flex shaft is optimized for enhanced elongation and deflection properties both to increase stator life while also optimizing stator engagement over the entirety of the thermal cycle.


FNP TA OD (in) Max Static WOB (lbs)Max Dynamic Load (lbs)Max Overpull (lbs)Max Torque (ft-lbs)
1.68821,600 8,36010,800 240
2.875 35,46512,140118,8001,520

All standard sizes and connections available as well as custom connections being available upon request.