External Slip-Set Connector

Product Details

Access Downhole’s Coiled Tubing Slip/Set Connector stands as the first line of transition from the coiled tubing to a BHA. As such, it also represents a change in rigidity from the coiled tubing itself. It is important that the design accommodate this change with good deflection properties, as well as good dynamic seal elements to maintain the integrity of the rest of the BHA configuration.

One key feature of the Access Downhole Coiled Tubing Slip/Set Connector is the upper seal element. Not only does this tool have one, it is made of Viton®, like the other two in the bottom sub of the connector. The strength and resistance to chemical maladies almost necessitates the utilization of this elastomer everywhere the BHA allows for it.

The Access Downhole CT Slip/Set Connector is comprised of the following parts: top sub with Viton seal element and set screws, coiled tubing engagement slip, slip crush ring, bottom pin with dual Viton seal elements and set screws.

The notable features of the Access Downhole CT Slip/Set Connector include 4140 120k minimum yield material with a specialized coating process that increases both H2S resistance by 20% and lubricity by 110%, 95 durometer Viton seal elements, a single split-ring slip, and higher torsional yield than comparable CT connectors currently on the market.

Major Benefits

  • Mechanically designed and optimized specifically for increased torsional loading, wellbore tortuosity, and axial loading.
  • Slip rings designed to engage coiled tubing that exceeds 39HRC, (140ksi HSLAS)


CT Connector OD (in.)CT Size (in.)Service Connection ID (in.)Tensile Yield STD Service (psi)Tensile Yield H2S Service (psi)Working Pressure (psi)Length (in.)
1.6881.251.0in. AMMT 0.75 45,00030,50010,0009.375
2.1251.501.50in. AMMT 1.00 65,00045,30010,0009.375
2.3751.7501.50in. AMMT 1.00 55,00040,00010,0009.375
2.8751.752.375in. PAC 1.375150,100110,00010,0009.375
2.8752.002.375in. PAC 1.375110,800 80,50010,0009.375
3.1252.3752.375in. PAC 2.375in. Reg1.375 1.00 136,700 99,50010,00012.00
3.502.6252.375 Reg1.00200,721146,09910,00012.00