Dual Flapper Check Valve

Product Details

Access Downhole Dual Flapper Check Valves represent the primary well control in the BHA string. The main function of the tool is to provide
the ability to circulate fluid into a wellbore, and then stop without the danger of gas or fluid coming back through the BHA.

Dual Flapper Check Valves offer a large through bore by which to pump
fluid, solids, or larger size tool activation devices (balls, darts, etc.). The flappers can be oriented in either flow direction depending on the operational requirements. Their main utility evolved from the need to
drop balls, bars, etc. during treatments, which was not possible through
back-pressure valves or ball checks.

The design is simplistic and field redressable. It is a two part body design with replaceable cartridges. The body sections can be shipped out in configurations that compress the cartridges from the top or from the bottom, specific to customer requests or requirements.

The whole assembly can be integrated into service strings in dual or quad configurations with any connection upon request. This flexibility eliminates crossovers and excess jewelry which in turn decreases the likelihood of component failure downhole. Decreasing the risk associated with a well control component should always be the first design step in downhole tool creation.

Major Benefits

  • Configurable cartridge placement via body design
  • Large size range in both standard tool joints (AMMT, PAC, etc.) and workstring applications (PH6, EUE, etc.)
  • Configurable into a single sub quad flapper design that decreases the number of breaks in the BHA to increase operational integrity
  • Field redressable with no special tools


Body OD (in.)** Cartridge ID (in.) Tool Length (in.)Maximum Tensile Strength (lbs) Maximum Torsional Strength (ft-lbs)Service Connection
1.690.75 11.0 68,1007651.0in. AMMT
2.1250.812511.0159,1292,3231.5in. AMMT
2.875 1.062515.0201,9006,4902.375in. PAC
3.1251.062516.155375,5008,0452.375in. Reg

* Other sizes, connections, and specific materials available upon request.
** Other non-standard sizes include: 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.375, and 3.0625 Workstring applications include: PH-6, EUE, IF