Product Details

The DIRT Tool functions as a large scale vacuum cleaner for producing wellbores. It was created initially as a remediation solution for removing plug parts and chemical waste left over from the completion phase. The DIRT tool utilizes altering cross sectional areas within the tool to create high speed fluid movement with lower flow rates.

A side functionality of the DIRT Tool is the utility of offering a cleanout solution for sensitive formations. This functionality allows for the service rig that removes the production tubing to then perform the treatment. The types of debris that are commonly removed are large clumps of chemicals, composite plug parts, sand, and dissovable plugs that never fully broke down. In some cases, debris can be collected with a full drift shoe without introducing fluid into the wellbore.

The DIRT tool is comprised of a top annular diversion sub, and internal screen section, a solids containment section, lower set of retention baskets, and a shoe sub. Customizable options are the jets, the screen length, the length of the solids containment sections, the style of retention basket, and the shoe style. The DIRT is made to be altered for optimum solids removal with minimum impact on the formation.

Major Benefits

  • Adjustable jetting configuration to optimize cleanout efficiency
  • Screen length can be made to any length depending on treatment necessity
  • The solids containment section utilizes standard tubing and not wash pipe. This exceeds the limitations of wash pipe, increases the efficiency of the operation, and mitigates the failure associated with rotating lower strength wash pipe
  • Accommodates both Finger and Flutter style cages
  • Utilizes any shoe necessary for cleanout operations
  • Deployed on jointed pipe on the same service rig used to pull the production tubing and reinstall it


Nozzle ID (in)Flow Rate (gpm) @200ft/secPressure Drop (psi) @200ft/secFlow Rate (gpm) @300ft/secPressure Drop (psi) @300ft/sec
0.25030.6358 45.9804
0.28138.6 35858804
0.34357.635886.4 804
0.37568.8 358103.2804
0.40680.7 358121804
0.44093.5 358140804

*The recommended operating range is 200-300ft/sec to provide the best solids acceleration without cavitation or velocity related erosion.