CT Internal Dimple Connector

Product Details

The Access Downhole CT Internal Dimple Connector was designed to fill the needs of customers where the practice of utilizing dimple connectors is a historically successful practice. This tool is of greatest utility in treatments where the BHA is exposed to great amounts of torque, whether from the downhole motor or from the wall contact force of the coiled tubing.

The CT Internal Dimple Connector offers a slimmer BHA OD than a standard slip type CT connector while still maintaining the strength. It also offers the same dual elastomer seals as standard coiled tubing connectors.

The main advantage of the CT Internal Dimple Connector is the ability to centralize and lock down the connector for a smoother deflection transition from the coiled tubing to the BHA. This design also offers high vibration resistance
commonly produced by newer model extended reach tools.

Another benefit of the design is that it transmits torque more smoothly to the coiled tubing than a traditional external coiled tubing connector. The smoother transmission of torque, tensile loads, and vibration to the coiled tubing utilizes the entire lateral section of the coiled tubing as a damper instead of just the BHA.

Major Benefits

  • Dual o-rings provide a reliable seal for the BHA
  • Can be designed to have the same size and weight as the coiled tubing
  • Alternative OD and ID configurations as well as service connections can be made to suit the application
  • No external screws to vibrate out like standard external connectors


Body OD (in.)Tool Length (in.)Tool ID (in.)Coiled Tubing Size Range (in.)Max Tensile Yield Strength (lbs)Max Torsional Yield Strength (ft-lbs) Service Connection
1.69 8.000.68751.25 – 1.50 60,0007001.0in. AMMT
2.1258.001.001.75 – 2.0080,0001,5001.50in. AMMT
2.8758.001.002.00 – 2.375120,0004,9302.375in. PAC
3.1258.001.002.375 – 2.625160,0007,2302.375in. Reg

*Yield factors are based off materials utilized in standard construction and would change if the material construction changed.