CT Anaconda

Product Details

The CT Anaconda was designed out of a necessity for a more robust tool for connecting a parted coiled tubing string. The conventional methods involved welding, low pressure rated materials, and low yield internal connections. All of these solutions put the person applying them in differing forms of danger, as well as creating another failure point in
the operation.

Instead of improving incrementally on existing technology, the CT Anaconda extends to encompass the safety, quality, and utility in a single part. The Lifeline tubing connecting the Connectors has a 5-15,000psi working pressure, covering the smallest to the higher end of coiled tubing pressure scenarios. The Connectors are larger than coiled tubing connectors top sub slip carriers for the same sized tubing. The Lifeline tubing between the two Connectors is 0.75" ID in CT Anacondas from 1.25" to 1.75" coiled tubing, and 1.00" for coiled tubing from 2.00" to 2.875".

The Maw connections have oversized backup bearing rings for the slip ring to maintain a consistent grip on the outside of the coiled tubing. The goal of the design was to expedite the process of safely removing parted coiled tubing from the wellbore while also mitigating the risks associated with this dangerous operation.

Major Benefits

  • Functions as a pump through connection for both fluid and nitrogen to maintain wellbore integrity while pulling out of the wellbore.
  • High pressure all service connections
  • Simple method for putting it on the tubing without heat, or cumbersome tooling
  • A flapper can be landed inside the leading Maw connection to isolate one side of the parted tubing from the other incase the tubing parts again.


CT OD (in) Lifeline Length (in) Lifeline ID (in)Max Working Pressure (lbs)Connector OD (in.)BPV Compatibility OD/ID (in)
1.25 - 1.50 240.755-15,0001.750.75 / 0.50
1.75 - 2.0036.075-1.05-15,0002.3751.0 / 0.75
2.375361.0-2.05-15,0003.1251.50 / 1.0
2.625361.0-2.05-15,0003.751.50 / 1.0
2.875361.0-2.05-15,0003.752.0 / 1.50

*Custom OD connections and Lifeline OD/ID changes available upon request.