Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnect

Product Details

The Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnect manufactured by Access Downhole, LP represents one of the most important components of the BHA. It is an essential part of releasing the tubing from the BHA in the event it becomes stuck in the wellbore. It provides this safety feature while also being resistant to the tension and torsion of rigorous operations.

The nature of the design of the Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnect separates it from the competition. The assembly is a four-step process requiring only 9 parts and 10 o-rings. The major benefit to a BHA component with fewer parts is a decreased chance of component failure.

Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnects come standard with a specialized coating that increases both H2S resistance and lubricity for all the external surfaces. For the internals, HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying) treatment is applied to negate both corrosion and premature wear. The last quality control for the Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnect resides in the assembly process. There is only one way to assemble this tool, and none of the parts allow for misalignment or misplacement.

In the longer laterals currently being drilled, the Big Dog Hydraulic Disconnect will continue to standout due to the amount of torsional stress it can withstand from both the length of the tubing in the wellbore, as well as the higher torque from the larger OD motors being utilized.

Major Benefits

  • Constructed to handle the increasingly higher torsional loads being generated by longer tubular strings and motors with elevated torque output
  • Minimalistic design mitigates both the risk of improper redress, as well as the chances of failure in the wellbore. This reduces the costs associated with manufacturing and maintenance as an added benefit.


BD HDD OD (in)Length (in.)ID (in.)Drop Ball Size(s) (in.)ConnectionMinimum Tensile Yield (lbs)Minimum Torsional Yield (ft-lbs)Shear Pin Data
1.68815.810.5621/2-11/161.0in. AMMT54,00079210-24 x 1/4 Brass @1,038psi/screw
2.12515.820.6905/8-13/161.5in. AMMT138,5411,15010-24 x 1/4 Brass @1,038psi/screw
2.87516.580.8757/8-12.375in. PAC229,0003,5943/8-16 x 3/8 Brass @1,100psi/screw*
3.12519.820.8757/8-12.375in. Reg255,0003,5943/8-16 x 3/8 Brass @1,100psi/screw*

*2,443psi per screw with o-rings in the fork