BCG Lock

Product Details

The BCG Lock represents an evolution in the tool joint connection space. Historically, tool joints have only been adapted from existing technology and barely cover the stresses generated by the previous year’s tool designs. The BCG Lock aims to mitigate the risk associated with the utilization of pipe wrenches, come-alongs, and employees’ time under suspended loads.

One of the advantages of the BCG lock is the triple redundancy designed into the connection. The make-up torque methodology is replaced with a longitudinal force mechanism to create a connection with the best of rotary service connections and high pressure connections. The torsional yield is increased significantly over the standard service connection limitations through this design feature.

The purpose of this connection is to replace popular tool joint connections like PAC and Reg in the thru-tubing market. Another feature of the BCG Lock is the increased range of elastic deflection, which allows for longer service
life in highly deviated wellbores. This design attribute also aids in extending service connection life in longer laterals when BHA's are subject to more bending moments due to various treatment factors (extended reach tools, high
pump rates, etc.).

Lastly, standard tool joint connections are governed by the same rules as bolts, in that making them up and breaking them out represents a wear cycle for a replaceable part of the tool. The burden of the connection rests solely on the thread profile for torque, deflection, and tensile yield. The BCG Lock differs by creating a replaceable part for the tensile load, which is independent of the thread profile.
This separates the torque and tensile forces while still spreading the deflective force along the entire connection. This design implement greatly extends the service life of
this connection as well as the service quality over standard tool joint connections.

Major Benefits


* This connection will be offered in all the current popular OD configurations as well as custom sizes upon request.