Hydraulic Releasing Overshot

Product Details

The Access Downhole Hydraulic Releasing Overshot was specifically created for situations where releasing the overshot with rotation is not a possibility or outright impossible. Although this was the initial
designed functionality, the Hydraulic Releasing Overshot can be used in
standard fishing operations as well.

When certain BHA components are necessary above the overshot, and any one of the components cannot pass a ball, the Hydraulic Releasing Overshot becomes the optimal choice, as it only requires a pressure increase and the occasional downward bump to release.

The main difference the hydraulic Releasing Overshot and standard overshots is that it does not accommodate spiral grapples, which reduces the catch range. However, the Hydraulic Release Overshot accommodates the same types of shoes and overshot accessories as mechanical release overshots.

Typical operating considerations for Hydraulic Overshots include but are not limited to, flushing between runs to remove any treatment fluid, debris, or wellbore fluids that may damage or corrode the seal surfaces in the piston. Disassemble the overshot, replace the screws retaining the grapple, and oil the piston area each run to insure proper operation.

Major Benefits

  • Does not require rotation to activate or disengage, making it pivotal for fishing with coiled tubing in longer laterals
  • Maintains similar shoe utility as standard overshots
  • Design is commensurate with the ability to offer custom sizes, material makeup, and service connection utilization available upon request


Overshot OD (in.) Length (in.)Minimum Catch Size (in.)Maximum Catch Size (in.) Tool Activation Pressure (psi) Max Tensile Yield Strength (lbs)Service Connection
2.00 19.800 0.4375 1.5625 100041,000 1.50in. AMMT
2.125 SH19.5000.43751.750100062,0001.50in. AMMT
2.5019.8300.43751.750100068,0001.50in. AMMT
3.0020.8500.3752.0625100082,0002.375in. PAC
3.5020.5000.5002.31251000167,0002.375in. PAC
4.0021.0450.3752.8751000191,0002.375in. Reg
4.5033.1302.6253.6251000256,0722.375in. Reg

* Properties quoted above for standard material construction and configurations only.